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Jamai vu l'art



Portrait of a Young Woman
Cuban-American artist Hugo Antón resides in Hialeah.

He recently painted this lovely work on a 16x12"/16x30.5cm

canvas board.  Signed at lower right.


Mr. Antón graduated from a Cuban art academy in 2004.


Portrait of a Young Woman is a lovely work of femininity.

Simple yet elegant, the look of this young woman captivates

and enchants.  Unusual sepia tones, spontaneous strokes

and careful study of light and shadow enhance its quality.

Based on rococo art works this painting is a valuable

acquisition for the most exquisite art lovers.


(As you've surmised, Mr. Antón gave the above description ~

and since his English is better than mine, I welcomed it.)




Stars and Stripes on Watch

It isn't just raccoons and squirrels anymore!

When our Nation is threatened, American pets stand on guard.

So beware, evildoers, don't say you're not warned ~

look into those vigilant eyes and cringe with fear.

If you don't know how to cringe, just flea ~ uh, flee!


American artist Celia Oriana painted this patriotic work

on 16x20"/41x51cm stretched canvas ~ signed lower right.



Hansel and Gretel

Whimsically honoring the Grimm's fairy tale, this work was

painted on a 20x16"/51x41cm stretched canvas by Jean Jackson ~

signed lower right.  Indeed that house does look delicious!




Handsome European

The garments and buildings were recorded with a palette knife,

with brushwork for the flesh areas.  Signed Christian orChristion

at lower left, this aged painting shows a young lad who might be

grownup now.  The 16x12"/41x30.5cm stretched canvas suggests

English, though the buildings do not.  Ageing is suggested

by the four old-style wooden stretch-wedges.


Davenport's Art Reference & Price Guide lists many

artists named Christian ~ maybe our artist worked

before there was a Davenport's and thus didn't realize

how common the name Christian is in art.




Cozy  Lighthouse


Signed A. Crocchiolo 4/20/98, this original painting

on 12x16"/30.5x41cm stretched canvas

shows genius in every brushstroke.


Note the curves of road and the tree at far right,

the latter almost resembling a crashing wave.

Lucky people reside in that large house!

The little boat at left helps them

tend a few lobster traps.




Endless Imagination

Signed Samuel Rivera  in white at lower right,

this 16x20"/41x51cm original painting on stretched

canvas was given the above title by the artist.



Villa Sur Le Lac


Signed Alice, this original painting is on 24x20"/61x51cm canvas.




Ruins & Tulips

What is marvelous about this ruin is that Nature didn't quit.
So what was it?  Casino, church, hotel, school?

The modest artist didn't sign this original

painting on 16x20"/41x51cm stretched canvas.


With its four wooden stretch-wedges

the painting shows some age but retains mint condition.




Lovely Church


Artists are modest about signing religious works,

but I was given  her name:  Marguerite L. Reeves


The stretched canvas measures 18x24"/46x61cm.

I believe you will find it is one of the most\

beautiful paintings you have ever seen.





Yakima Child


Americana in its purest form!

The canvas board measures 16x12"/41x30.5cm.

Canvas on board seems less liable

to damage than stretched canvas.


Clearly signed Mary Mabel Little at lower right,

plus on reverse side is more info.




Young Artist


Inspirational large painting for any home or office!

This original work on 28x24"/71x61cm stretched canvas

will be appreciated and loved by all viewers.

It certainly will get admiring attention.


Signed M. Rosz at lower right.




Quilt Tree


 American artist Jean Jackson

signed this charming painting at lower right.

The stretched canvas measures 20x16"/51x41cm.






Blonde Flutist


This large original painting on canvas board

is signed Margi (Someone) 1970 at lower right.


Measuring 22x28" / 56x71.5cm not counting the frame,

it is painted mostly with palette knife.  Thus it's intended

tfor viewing at a few steps back instead of up close.


Clearly the young lady is dedicated to her music ~

her eyes seem to be checking audience reaction.




Happy Memory in San Remo


It's paintings such as this one that

gladden/sadden the hearts of art collectors.

It seems to be memories of a sweet honeymoon.


Not counting the slim minimal frame ~ strips of hardwood

nailed to the edges ~ this original painting

on stretched linen measures 18x22.75"/46x58cm.

The 1987 work is signed Rob. E. Olson at lower right.



 The Swedish title Lyckligt Minne,

as you know, means Happy Memory.

The wide board at left is the center bracing.











Limited Edition signed and numbered 197/1250,

this embossed/raised-relief print under glass

is indeed the most unique print I've seen.


The American artist-designer: James Billman.

To prevent the glass from touching the embossing,

it looks like two, maybe three, mats were used.


Counting the tight hardwood frame,

this work measures 25"/64cm high, 19"/49cm wide.





Don't Ask
 Fashion model?  Shopaholic?  Lawyer on vacation?

Though there's hardly any resemblance, she reminds me

of a beloved, hardworking Congresswoman from Florida.


Signed Shortiez ~ which sounds Dutch, German, Swiss? ~

this work on canvas board is 14"/35.5cm high, 11.25"/28.5cm wide.

The chromed steel frame is 1.25"/3cm thick ~ having a lip,

it needs no hanger wire or wall-protection pads.





 Mujik and Cats


This small painting on wooden board measures

14.5"/37cm high by 10.5"/27cm wide not counting the frame.

Signed Jostina, it is painted from a woodcut

in an 1880 Harper's magazine.


A mujik, as you know, was a Russian peasant under czarist rule.





Chihuahua Guarding Dollhouse

Observing a larger dog protecting the home

(at least until the burglar proffers a hambone)

this gallant Chihuahua clearly sees its duty.


This original painting on canvas by American artist

María Nevarez measures 23x20" / 59x52cm not counting

one of the finest-matching frames I've seen.





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