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In addition to works by me, Purvis Evans,

I offer these collectible works.




Found at an estate closing, this original painting is signed Bertolini
on front and back. Italian artist Giuseppe Bertolini specialized in fantasy art.


Original painting on linen: 57.5x39.5x3" ~ 146x100x7.5cm.

Shows some age cracking, frame dings, linen repairs.

I hate this paining. It's heavy, large, and its image makes no sense.
It was part of a c ollection I bought.


Les Filles à la Cassette


A significant natural barrier to development of the population and society

in early Louisiana was a lack of potential wives. In 1727 a small contingent

of Ursuline nuns arrived in the city and set about establishing a convent.

While they weren't exactly eligible, they did provide a temporary home

and education to many shiploads of les filles à la cassette.


The "cassette girls" or "casket girls" ~ named for the government-issue

cassettes or casketlike trunks in which they carried their possessions ~

were young women of appropriate character sent to Louisiana

by the French government to be courted and married by the colonists.

~ Source:




Artist: Brenda Harris

Print on board ~ no glass ~ signed

Overall frame size: 28.75" x 28.5" ~ 73cm x 72.4cm



This portrait, counting the frame, is 41" high and 25" wide.

Signed at lower right: M. Howard.
Davenport's Art Reference & Price Guide lists a few M. Howards ~
I believe it's Mary due to the work's feminine style.




Mysterious Three Women From India

Original painting on masonite board with no damage or repair.

Painting: 15.25" x 23.5" ~ 38.8 x 59.7 cm.
Frame: 19" x 27" ~ 48.5 x 68.5 cm.


Seller told me this painting was a gift from the Indian Government

to a retiring U. S. Ambassador to India.

If the tale is untrue, let us at least observe a moment

of silence in respect for such a fabrication.


Spanish Widow


A work of loneliness and sorrow in a young Spanish Widow.
Try to look for a bright side ~ hey, maybe the deceased was a torero.

Painted by Belgian artist Willy Duyn (1936-1986) ~ not to be confused
with Dutch artist Willy van der Duyn who was born in 1950.

On hardboard: 25x21.25" ~ 64x53.5cm.
Dinged and worn gilded frame: 29x25.25" ~ 73.5x64cm.

Heavy frame thickness: 2.25" ~ 5.5cm.




P. SNOW original oil painting on canvas

Painting: 18x24" ~ 45.5x61cm. Frame: 20.5x26.5" ~ 52x67.5cm.
A perfect, blemish-free original paintin



Original painting: Evonne Goolagong, Sunshine Supergirl

Signed Jim Conner '75 ~ painted on heavy-duty masonite board.
Painting: 22.5x16" ~ 57x40.5cm. Wood frame: 24x17.25" ~ 61x43cm.

Australian Aborigine Evonne Goolagong was called

Sunshine Supergirl by the British.
See her biography and international tennis championship records at:




Paul Newman in film THE STING


Original acrylic painting,
signed Jim Conner '75. Painted on heavy-duty masonite board.

Painting: 24x16" ~ 61x40.5cm. Wormwood frame: 27x18.75" ~ 68.5x48cm.








The European artist is listed in Davenport's Art Reference & Price Guide.

Painting: 24x20" ~ 61x51cm. Frame: 28.75x24.75 ~ 73x63cm

Because the painting shows overall craquelure

yet the backside is snow-white canvas,

I believe the work has been relined.








Original painting on canvas board, signed W. Hampton


Painted with brushes ~ this is not a giclée.


Sir James Guthrie painted To Pastures New ~ so W. Hampton

was an admiring artist of the work sometimes called The Geese Girl.


Painting: 24x36" ~ 61x91.5cm. Frame: 29.75x41.75" ~ 75.5x106cm.








The Hon. Mrs. Graham, Thomas Gainsborough

Image: 14.5x9.25" ~ 37x23.5cm, under glass.

Frame: 21.75x16.25" ~ 55x41.5cm.

Some graying discoloration evenly around outer edges of white border.

A true engraving, just like on our currency, not a litho.







This original painting is signed H. (Henri) Kalman at lower right.

Canvas or linen: 16x12" ~ 40.5x30.5cm.

Wood frame: 19.5x15.5" ~ 49.5x39.5cm.
Some aging signs with no problems.





Original drawing on heavy paper by William M. Blunt


Under glass ~ overall frame size: 22x26” ~ 56x66cm.

Oak frame is in excellent but not new condition.


Dated and signed at lower right: 2-27-1999 William M. Blunt

I never met the artist ~ he lived near Ocala.


Mr. Blunt is an African-American artist gaining renown in Florida.

I hope he is still producing art.





Copy of a rare historical document under glass.

Oak frame measures 17x13" ~ 43x33 cm.


It’s well written, but can someone tell me what "indefeasible" means?

Did the typesetter mean "indefensible"? As a former typositor I found

two sizes of e and one upside down ~ so the type was set by hand.

The Declaration forming The Provisional Government of the Irish Republic

was created, I believe, in 1916. Some of the signers were tried and executed

by Britain ~ others received prison sentences. For more information,

search "Easter Rebellion".




Original oil painting on linen by LUIS ORTEGA


Found at an estate closing. The artist lived near Gibraltar.

Painting: 39.25x29.75” ~ 99.75x75.5cm.

Frame: 42.75x33.25” ~ 108.5x84.5cm.

The oversize superglue canvas patches cover small repairs that I did.




M. HOFFMANN, original oil painting

Painted on canvas board ~ c
ondition is excellent.

Painting: 28x22" ~ 71x56cm. Wooden frame: 33.5x27.5 ~ 85x70cm.








Things of Quiet Beauty ~ Marianne Wüthrich

Swiss artist Marianne Wüthrich was born in 1931. She is listed in
Davenport's Art Reference & Price Guide, ArtPrice, ArtNet, Google, etc.


The painting is on a double-thick formica board ~
can never rot or sag and is less subject to damage.

Purvis Evans P O Box 1111 Jacksonville FL 32201 USA

Phone: 904 781 1111



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